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The lexicon and the vocabulary have to change. You can’t be a ‘senior’ between the ages of fifty to one hundred. The range is too broad. I think middle age is more like fifty to seventy-five…People tend to think that we’re living longer ‘older.’ But in reality, we are living longer, ‘younger.’


Sharon Emek, CEO of Work at Home Vintage Expert

2019 Influencer in Aging from Next Avenue

Our Vision


Encore Howard County envisions a future where “retirement” is no longer based on an arbitrary age defined by others, but instead, as a series of meaningful transitions across older adulthood which begin and end through individual choice.   A future of active and purposeful fulfillment that is as unique and varied as the individual experiencing it.


We envision the perception of aging evolving from a time of life to be ignored or feared, to an intentional, fulfilling and enriched life stage that provides purpose and meaning to individuals and the community.


As a result, Howard County will remain a vibrant, multi-cultural, and multi-generational community where purpose and meaning are the primary driving factors for continued engagement – for residents of all ages.

Our Mission

To create a grassroots community-based network that inspires and supports Howard County individuals and organizations as they build or engage in encore services, programs, and other opportunities within their own organizations, communities, and circles of influence.


Encore Howard County at Master Aging Conference

October 19, 2019

Encore Howard County introduced MASTERING YOUR ENCORE at the Master Aging Conference by building a community space geared toward (but not limited to) adults age 50-75 who are considering what comes next...their encore.  Individuals planning for and experiencing their encores shared  stories across a variety of contexts. Two workshops were held: Discovering Your Encore and Connecting and Engaging with Your Encore - in between 20 energetic encore volunteers and representatives from HoCo organizations stayed busy talking with the 125+ visitors who joined us throughout the day. 

Thanks to all our volunteers and the planning committee - Marci Brandt, Alex Bussman, Bob Glascock, Tom Payne, and Merle Schwartz - also to Alex Bussman, George Mahler, Mary Nugent, and Tom Payne for help with set-up and Lori Painter and Clarrisa Ferraris for taking pictures!

workshop EBM.jpg

Encore Howard County Founder, Elizabeth Mahler welcomed visitors to workshops

Tom's EHC photo.jpg
Master Aging Logo.png
Tom Drawing.jpg

Tom Payne & Alex Bussman helped set up on Friday night

Alex Reading.jpg

Energy and shared conversation stayed at high levels all day!

Sandy L.jpg

Leading the Discovering Your Encore Workshop was journaling teacher Sandy Lundahl (left), life & business coaches Eileen Caroscio & Tina Fortenberry, HCC Career Counselor Paul Martin, and HoCo Library Community Education & Engagement Mgr. Katie DiSalvo-Thronson (in order on right)

Eileen Tina Paul Katie.jpg
George Pleat on Guitar.jpg
Lori P .png

Encore volunteers Merle Schwartz, George Pleat, and Lori Painter shared their encore stories with visitors (while classical guitar teacher George also showcased his encore career by performing for visitors)

Clarissa and Bob.jpg
Pam and Clarissa.jpg
wheel with dots.jpg
Working on My Own Terms.jpg
Rob Jean Clarissa.jpg

Facilitator Bob Glascock & AAAS/Mad Science encore volunteer Clarissa Ferraris (on right) prepare for the Connecting & Engaging Your Encore workshop

Pam Simonson, Director of the Volunteer Center (left) and Rob Thomas, Team Leader for the AAAS/STEM Volunteer Program (above) described their volunteer opportunities to visitors

Encore-related resources in Howard County to support working, volunteering, and continued learning were shared on murals around the room

Visitors were asked to vote on the life domains of most interest as they consider their encore years.  Interesting results - check them out!

Did you know there are now more Americans over the age of 60 than under 15?

The 4-minute video below provides a fascinating overview of our changing society and raises some great questions. Check it out!

MASTER YOUR ENCORE at the Master Aging Conference

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Other Resources


Ashton Applewhite and Her Manifesto against Ageism by Julie Pfitzinger, Next Avenue, June 2019

A Midlife Shake-up:  Stay-At-Home Mom Pursues Year of Public Service from Second Act Stories by Andy Levine (A Montgomery County, MD resident's story of her transitional journey into encore adulthood - and how it is still going on!

The Second Identity Crisis by Prudy Gourguechon, Forbes, June 2, 2019

Second Act Stories by Andy Levine - check out this website to find out more about what individuals across the US are doing for their second acts! 

Amanpour & Co Interview - Interested in learning more about the current longevity revolution and its impact on our lives? Watch this interview with Andrew Scott (co-author of The 100 Year Life) and Paul Irving (Chair of the Milkin Institute Center for the Future of Aging) Guiding People Through Life Makeovers by Richard Eisenberg, Next Avenue, May 2019

Finding Purpose in the Encore Years by Becki Cohn-Vargas, Sixty & Me, May 2019

The Family Business Matching Older and Younger Entrepreneurs by Kerry Hannon, Next Avenue, March 2019

Why Encore?

America is aging rapidly

Americans are getting older

Americans at 55 years of age or older will grow to 112 million by 2030, up from the current 80 million.

People live on average 20 years longer than 50 years ago.


Due to Baby Boomers’ healthier and longer lives, encore adulthood is emerging as a new life stage, providing a 10-20+ year "gift of time" between the end of traditional careers/child-rearing and old age – between approximately 50 and 75+ years of age.


The transition to encore adulthood often includes a renegotiation of life, both personally and professionally – and on new terms.  To make this transition, encore adults need time, space, and resources to consider next steps.


Encore Howard County was formed in 2018 in response to requests from individuals and organizations interested in learning more about encore adulthood.  We are focused on supporting adults between 50-75+ years of age who are planning for a purposeful and meaningful future and the organizations who are developing the programming, services, and other resources to support them. 

Welcome from Vice President and Encore Career Handbook author Marci Alboher welcomes Encore Howard County to the Encore Movement! 

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